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Horseshow Photography

Since 2009, my team and I have accompanied many major international western equestrian competitions as official show photographer.

Knowing the special characteristics of each discipline and capturing them photographically with all their emotions is what customers of

Art & Light Photography appreciate.

"Even though we weren't in the lead, we still look like we rocked the show on the photos!"



Equine Photography

One thing you should know before you buy a horse - they are addictive!


Art & Light Photography offers almost all types of equine photography shoots.

From stallion promotion to sales pictures to your personal 1:1 photo session with just you and your horse.

"I love the pictures of Angel!

They are truly like a work of art!"



AL5_1645-Bearbeitet Kopie.jpg

Portrait Photography

Many people don't think they are photogenic enough to get a photo shoot. Believe me, none of my clients has ever been a supermodel, because that's not necessary at all.

Just be yourself and let me present you in such a way that others think you're a supermodel!

"I never thought I would dare to be photographed in sexy underwear. And in the end I had to turn 40 to do it after all. Thank you for this relaxed but still professional shoot.

The pictures are awesome!"



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