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Are you ready to capture the most important moments in your life forever?

Start your walk down memory lane now

and keep your emotions alive

Horseshow Photography

There are a lot of emotions associated with participating at a show. If you were competing for the first time, you were certainly very excited. But even if you've been going to the show for years, there are always those special moments that you want to remember.


Our show photos will let you shine and give you something precious that will last. Even years later, you will still feel your heart pounding when you are reminded of that special moment with our images.


Equine Photography

Upgrade your stallion promotion, your homepage or your private photo album with first-class photos, that will make the heart of every horse lover beat faster

Portrait Photography

This is all about you!

Have you wanted professional photos of yourself for a long time, but haven't really dared to make an appointment?

I'll help you prepare for your shoot and answer all your questions about the location and outfits in advance.

I am also happy to photograph you with your partner, your family or your four-legged friend.



You love horses and photography, 

but the two don't quite fit together yet?

Are you more confused by all the technical terms in photography than they help you?

Forget the technical terms and learn with me how easy it is

to press the shutter at the right moment.

Hey, I am Corrie

Nice to meet you.

My life is all about horses and photography.

I got my first pony when I was seven and photography followed in my youth.

So I knew relatively early that I would turn one of these two hobbies into a profession.

I have been a photographer for 25 years now and love working with horses and people.



I am so glad that you are photographing shows again - there are so many incredibly beautiful pictures!!!

I haven't bought any show photos for years

and when I just clicked through,

I know why!

It's great that you're back behind the camera



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